Inflatables Essential Guide: Inflatable Structures

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For those considering purchasing an inflatable structure, we will cover essential information to help you make the best choice for your needs. There are many inflatable structures, including inflatable tunnels, inflatable domes, and other inflatable buildings. Inflatable games, bounce houses, and inflatable slides, and more can all be considered inflatable structures. We will look at materials, construction, air supported buildings, uses, and benefits. Learn about considerations when using inflatable structures for events.  We will go over setting up inflatable buildings such as the inflation process, setting up inflatable tunnels and events where these structures are used.  Lastly in this section, there is information on the versatile commercial uses for inflatable structures.  

Introduction to Inflatable Buildings, Structures and Tunnels 

There are many different types of inflatable structures such as tunnels, buildings and even inflatable slides. 

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How Inflatable Buildings, Structures and Tunnels are Used

An inflatable structure can add a lot to an exhibition or event. What Should I Take Into Consideration for Inflatable Structures?

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Inflatable Buildings have Versatile Commercial Uses

Inflatable buildings have made quite the name for themselves in the commercial sector over the last few years. These versatile structures have surpassed their more conventional use in children’s events, offering different ways for professional companies to display their brand and engage with customers at different promotional events.

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Setting Up and Using Inflatable Buildings, Structures and Tunnels 

In today’s evolving event space, different types of structures continue to emerge that can help create memorable impressions. Knowing how to set up these inflatable marvels can help ensure that your next event has the display and protection it needs to get noticed.

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