Sling Chairs: Take Advantage of Unique Seating

As the adage goes, change is the only constant. Society is always moving, and that means the way we do things is always evolving. This includes the nature of events and outdoor gatherings. Long gone are the days when the ideal outdoor seating area for an event would consist of uniform rows of uncomfortable metal or wooden chairs, leaving the area looking more like a lecture hall than a space for outdoor fun.

Today’s most popular small- and mid-size outdoor concerts and festivals tend to put an emphasis on community and gathering, and row upon row of assigned seating just doesn’t work for fostering that sort of atmosphere. Today’s forward-thinking event spaces are all about curating unique human experiences and crafting intimate, cozy spaces-within-spaces that spark conversations, help to promote relaxation, and offer a space in which to build friendships.

Whether you want to create a simple, quiet “chit-chat space” in the corner of a larger festival or you’re trying to build a full-blown outdoor lounge space for festival goers who need a moment to recharge, meet the unsung hero of your seating evolution: the sling chair.

What Is a Sling Chair?

The sling chair is a time-tested amalgamation of form and function. A sturdy, simple, and easy-to-fold frame (metal or wood in most designs) is paired with a loosely fitted length of canvas, flexible mesh, or other material to create a comfortable and sturdy seat. This simple, two-element design gives the sling chair its signature look and comfort and also offers a unique and satisfying seating experience. The rigidness of the frame provides stability, even on ground that is not completely flat or hard, while the loosely installed fabric cradles and embraces you almost like a miniature hammock. Sling chairs exist in two basic designs, some using a single piece of fabric stretched across the entire frame, with others employing two separate pieces of fabric for the seat and back. In some higher-end sling chairs, a layer of padding is also sewn into the fabric for maximum comfort.

Enhance Your Event With Sling Chair Seating Options

The combination of simplicity and comfort makes the sling chair a great candidate for a variety of seating applications, from a replacement for traditional event seating to deck chairs for your own home. Let’s zoom in and focus on some of the specific ways sling chairs can enhance your event or gathering:

  • Chit-Chat Spaces: Ideal for those short and sweet conversations, chit-chat areas are often centered around smaller clusters of seating arrangements that promote direct eye contact and heart-to-heart talks. If you plan and implement your chit-chat space correctly, this is where you will find attendees sipping drinks, sharing laughs, or maybe even striking up a new business deal.
  • Cozy Areas: Think of these as secluded corners where attendees at loud or crowded functions can take a breather. Depending on the vibe, you can combine easily movable sling chairs with large shade canopies, inflatable sofas, and a few throw blankets to create a comforting space with a unique atmosphere.
  • Outdoor Lounges: Take the cozy area concept, expand the seating options, add some music and drinks, and place it in a high-traffic area instead of a quiet corner, and suddenly you have an outdoor lounge suitable for lively fun. A cool lounge with lots of comfy seating options gives attendees the option to soak in the festivities while giving their feet a rest.

What Makes Sling Chairs Stand Out?

The simplicity and effectiveness of the sling chair design are revolutionary and embody the best of both worlds: the stability of a simple, structurally sound frame combined with the comfort of a flexible fabric sling seat. Sling chairs offer an inviting embrace to guests seeking solace with their outdoor seating, whether it’s a large outdoor concert in the park or a backyard barbeque with your best buds.

Some of the key benefits of these chairs include:

  • Versatility – Whether we’re talking about a formal business event, a casual beach gathering, or anything in between, sling chairs find their place effortlessly and fit into any outdoor aesthetic.
  • Space-Efficient – The sleek and straightforward design of the sling chair ensures that it can provide ample seating without taking up a huge area or leaving it feeling crowded for your guests. You can use multiple clusters of chairs to create pockets of intimate seating around your venue without making it cluttered.
  • Quality Branding Opportunity – As an organizer or business owner sponsoring an event, sling chairs offer an effective canvas on which to advertise your brand or message. The large empty space on the back of the sling can readily be customized with logos, slogans, or special graphics. This enhances the outdoor experience for your guests, customers, or staff while also turning them into walking—or sitting—advertisements for your brand every time they use the chair.

Using Sling Chairs and Other Outdoor Furniture to Craft a Unique Atmosphere

One of any function’s ultimate goals should be to leave its mark on attendees in a positive way. Your general ambiance and the comfort level of your spaces can play a pivotal subconscious role in this. Sling chairs, in turn, can play their own role as a cost-effective way of helping you create effective spaces.

Here are some fun and practical tips for using sling chairs and other seating options to create enchanting atmospheres:

  • Themed Zones – If you can’t pin down a single theme, or if you want many different things going on to create a sense of excitement, you might consider segmenting your event into different thematic areas. Some simple examples would be a beach corner where sling chairs are combined with reclining beach chairs and perhaps even a large sandbox, a garden nook where sling chair seating in tastefully chosen colors is planned around the space’s greenery and landscaping features, or a well-shaded jazz lounge where sling chairs and inflatable sofas are combined with hip music and access to refreshments.
  • Interactive Elements – Another great thing about these chairs and their simple design is that they can easily and non-intrusively be added as participant or spectator seating for your function’s other key features. You can place a cluster of swing chairs around any activity hub, such as a live artist demo, intimate break-out conference sessions, a putting green, or whatever fits your event’s vibe. It’s important to focus on keeping your attendees engaged, but don’t forget to provide them ample, comfortable seating as well.
  • Elevated Viewing Stands – For festivities with significant visual elements or live entertainment aspects, sling chairs can make a great lightweight, easy-to-reconfigure seating option for use as deck chairs on raised viewing platforms.

Instent – Your Trusted Source for High-Quality Sling Chairs with Custom Branding Options

If you’re ready to redefine your event’s seating dynamics while providing an innovative space for branding, sling chairs can get you there. Contact Instent today to get started. 

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