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How to Impress Your Boss at Your Next Event

Your boss stopped by to inform you that you’re handling the next trade-show. You’ve been after a promotion for a while, and this time it’s your chance to shine. Get ready to impress your boss at your next event by making a booth that truly stands out from the crowd and scores you that raise! Read more

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5 Benefits of Having a Quality Printed Pop Up Tent for Your Sporting Team

Your sporting team works hard at practices and games, so you spend a lot of time at community events, around the field and at stadiums. Whether you’re looking for a way to create an official meeting spot or you want to get out of the sun, when it comes time to give your team the winning edge, a high-quality,  custom pop up tent brings a lot of value to your efforts. Read more

Surviving the Elements: Weather Proofing Your Pop Up Tents

No matter how much we plan for successful outdoor expo events, the one thing we can’t predict is the weather. One thing we can do, though, is prepare. With all the different weather variables, it’s hard to know what is coming, but there are still ways to ensure that your booth, your custom pop up tents, your team and your products are protected. Read more

Are you aware of all the things you can write off after attending expo shows?

Attending trade shows is a great way to promote your brand, get new leads, build strong relationship with your customers and showcase your products and services. Yes, the list of benefits goes on however, did you know that there are many tax incentives that are associated with attending trade shows & expo shows? Mark E. Battersby, business and financial tax writer with Intents magazine highlights from “convention-related tax deductions to entertaining customers” in his most recent article. We have condensed these tips to keep you informed of everything that you can write off. Read more

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Trendy Outdoor Displays That Will Make Your Brand Look Cool

At every event you sponsor, you will inevitably run into a ton of other sponsors competing for the attention of the attendees. If your outdoor displays looks just like all your neighbor’s you won’t stand out, and if you look worse your brand will stand out for the wrong reason.  So, to help you avoid looking uncool, we took the liberty of putting together a list of trendy display products that will help ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves. Read more

Don’t go over your budget: Tips for saving money at Trade Shows

Chances are you’re planning out all the trade show events that your company will attend this year and as a marketer, one of your greatest concerns is managing the budget. While you don’t want to break the bank at any of these shows, you also don’t want to make sacrifices that could potentially end up hurting your company’s presence at the show. Read more