How to Create Email Marketing that Actually Converts

Every day we come across countless e-mails that end up in our trash or junk mail mostly because they’ve failed to get our attention or even because their subject lines are just plain weird or annoying. To help give you some inspiration in creating some cool email marketing campaigns, here are some recommendations Read more

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How to maintain Branding Consistency at Events

Employees are often the biggest threat a brand has. Most brands have guidelines specifically to keep their own employees from undermining what it stands for. Those guidelines are not meant to be stringent, they are meant to protect the customer. When employees don’t consider the brand, it’s the customers that receive the confusing experience. It’s important that everyone, including event planners, help ensure brand consistency across all areas of your business, all the way from your website to tiny details like the brochures you provide to attendees at a business event. Here is a guide to make sure your branding is on message every time. Read more

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Best Practices For Cleaning Your Vinyl Event Tents

Purchasing a quality tent is only half the battle, the tricky part comes when it’s time to clean a top made with vinyl. The main rule to consider when cleaning your vinyl event tents is to always purchase cleaning materials that are approved by the tent manufactures. Read more

Following Through With New Contacts After an Exhibition

The event ended, your custom tents are folded and all your promotional equipment is stored so now you’re back to the office. It’s now time to start devising a way to follow up with potential customers you have met at the show. Indeed, capitalizing on new leads from outdoor expos and trade shows is key for generating new business. In the weeks that follow the event, take the time to share highlights from the event by reaching out to those new contacts and scheduling meetings to showcase everything that your business has to offer. When executed successfully, these efforts just might result in some new clients.
Read more

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PAMA Holds Awning & Event Canopy Design Challenge for Students

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA) is giving students the exciting opportunity to enter their 2015-2016 Academic Design Challenge. Students must work individually or in teams to design an awning which can be fixed or retractable, a canopy or tension canopy that can be invented or pre-existing and that can be used for events and at resorts, hotels, parks airports etc. Read more

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Exciting New Trends For Event Tents

Event planners are always searching for creative solutions that not only captivate their audience by giving them the “wow” factor, but also by taking each one of their events to new heights. Currently, accessories are making a huge impact at all tented events. Read more

Sales Presentation Tips That Will Help You Close Deals

Running a perfect lead generation and closing deals is the top priority for every business.  After all isn’t bringing in the money what we are all looking to accomplish? With so much competition in the market, learning how to differentiate your company from the competition is not an easy task.  To succeed you must rely on your creativity and most importantly on presenting the perfect sales presentation to effectively close deals. Read more

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How to Impress Your Boss at Your Next Event

Your boss stopped by to inform you that you’re handling the next trade-show. You’ve been after a promotion for a while, and this time it’s your chance to shine. Get ready to impress your boss at your next event by making a booth that truly stands out from the crowd and scores you that raise! Read more

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5 Benefits of Having a Quality Printed Pop Up Tent for Your Sporting Team

Your sporting team works hard at practices and games, so you spend a lot of time at community events, around the field and at stadiums. Whether you’re looking for a way to create an official meeting spot or you want to get out of the sun, when it comes time to give your team the winning edge, a high-quality,  custom pop up tent brings a lot of value to your efforts. Read more

Surviving the Elements: Weather Proofing Your Pop Up Tents

No matter how much we plan for successful outdoor expo events, the one thing we can’t predict is the weather. One thing we can do, though, is prepare. With all the different weather variables, it’s hard to know what is coming, but there are still ways to ensure that your booth, your custom pop up tents, your team and your products are protected. Read more