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The Hottest Newest Marketing Solution : Air’Lounge Custom Inflatable Furniture

Air’Lounge, custom inflatable furniture, is key to exploring new heights of branding and exposure for your business. It’s a creative way to display your logo at your next event or trade show to leave an impression on everyone that’s stops by. The Air’Lounge’s design mixes comfort with high-end design to not only makes the furniture appealing, but also as effective in getting your name out there! Read more

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2016 New Rental Products to Look Out For! Part 2

In case the previous blog post didn’t offer enough amazing products for the upcoming season, here is an additional list featuring the latest and greatest in the rental industry. Several of these products were also featured in Rental Management’s “The Hot List 2016” issue during this year’s ARA Rental Show. Read more

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2016 New Rental Products to Look Out For! Part 1

New Year. New Products! The beginning of the year is the perfect time to make changes that will impact how the rest of the year will play out for your business. This is the best time to add new lines to your Rental Collection!

The American Rental Association’s Rental Market Monitor predicted a 6.7% growth from 2016 to 2017 in the equipment rental industry. With the market increasing it is important to stay ahead of competition and make your rental business stand out. Here is a list of new products that you should consider adding to your product range to attract more customers Read more

6 Sporting Events to Attend in 2016 if You Want to Generate Leads and Gain Exposure

If you want to increase the visibility of your brand, attending a sporting competition in 2016 could turbocharge leads and send sales into the stratosphere. These events attract sports fans from around the world, allowing you to expose your company to a huge audience, increase sign-ups to your mailing list and advertise your products and services. Here are six of the best sporting events you should consider Read more

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Chest’Air really is inflatable fun!

The name says it all. We recently launched our newest product, the Chest’Air collection of inflatable fun furniture. This range of European inflatable event furniture comes in a variety of sizes from one to two-seater options to spice up any event. Whether you’re having a beach party, an intimate small gathering, or a day at the park, the Chest’Air is made of the strongest PVC material to sustain any terrain. Read more

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Ins’TenT Industries Recognized for its Quality Pop Up Canopy

As a team, we love to hear about customers that leave great reviews about our company and the quality of our products. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service along with the best products in the market and hearing about these reviews makes us very proud of our work.

We are thrilled to share with you this detailed review about the quality of our custom pop up canopies, along with the printing and the features of our products. The review was published by one of our customer’s, Scott Mares, in a specialized review website for cross bikers. Read more

The Importance of Selecting the Right Market to Grow Your Business

As a promotional distributor, your focus is to maximize your company’s growth potential. You might be tempted to target as many markets as possible with custom pop up tents and other of your promotional products, all with the intention to grow fast. However, while you expand your potential audience with this strategy, you run into many logistical issues. Instead of spreading yourself thinly across multiple markets, focus on selecting the right market niche for long-term growth. Read more

Distributors: How to Select the Right Supplier That Will Help You Close Deals

You can nail every part of the sales process, but still lose the deal if you don’t have the right suppliers. Your business success in the promotional industry hinges on quality suppliers who can help you close deals. You need your suppliers and manufacturers to act as a dependable partner that are always there for you. A close relationship with your suppliers helps you go into sales presentations with full confidence in what you have to offer. Here are four key areas to explore when making your supplier selections: Read more

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Making an Impression: Your Custom Tent is the First Thing People Notice About You at an Event

First impressions matter and that is precisely why business custom tent is a powerful marketing tool at an outdoor expo, trade show, special event or parking lot sale. The marketing goal is to create a positive first impression that strengthens the company’s brand, because brand has everything to do with customer attraction and retention. Despite the tent’s influence, some small business owners ignore details like tent quality to keep costs as low as possible in the belief that people will not notice. Read more

The Top 5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Custom Canopy & Promotional Items Supplier

If your customer’s order isn’t ready in time or they are unhappy with the quality of their business-critical trade show displays, the reasons why you couldn’t deliver in time will never be enough to justify his lost revenue for the show. All that he or she will know is that as a distributor it’s all your fault. And, you can be sure that the customer will tell everyone they know about the disaster.

Don’t let it happen to you. Learn to recognize the five biggest warning signs that disaster is looming with your suppliers. Read more