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Using Canopy Tents is a Must for Your Next Outdoor Event

Your marketing campaigns take you into many environments, from festivals to trade shows. Creating an exhibit for these events requires you to consider everything from the size of the space to the natural elements of the outdoors. A high-quality custom canopy tent gives you a valuable tool for your outdoor display. Once you first use it, you’ll never go back! You’ll put it on your packing list for every outdoor marketing event. Here are the five main advantages to using a pop up tent at every event. Read more

How To Set Up Your Air’Lounge Inflatable Furniture

Not only will this custom inflatable furniture turn your event into a total hit, but the set up is so convenient that you will love taking them from one event to the next. In only a few minutes you will be able to set up your entire Air’Lounge set and get ready for your event. Your […]

Warranty: Defining the True Meaning of “Manufacturer’s Warranty” for Your Pop Up Tents

Your tradeshow displays do a lot of heavy (marketing) lifting for your company, and you don’t want to be without them for long. Even though they come with a manufacturer’s warranty, pop up tents will often have replacement requests refused if damaged. Indeed,  custom pop up tents warranty doesn’t cover the costs of every type of harm, and the warranty document will detail the circumstances in which you can have your product refunded or repaired, as well as specify how long the agreement lasts. For example, damage caused by wind or fabric ripped in an accident aren’t covered. Discover the true meaning of your manufacturer’s warranty before you run into trouble. Read more

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Elements Needed To Conduct a Successful Sampling Event

Sampling events help you introduce your products to your target audience and overcome many sales objections. Their brand loyalty might make them prefer your competitors in-store, but a sample gives a potential customer a no-risk way to evaluate your company. Excellent products alone don’t get people flocking to your booth at a promotional event – you need to hit all the key elements for a successful sampling event. Read more

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Air Dome: How to Repair your Air Bladder?

The Ins’TentT’s Air Dome is a professional inflatable tent created to stand out at any event. We focused our research on designing a tent that is able to withstand variable weather conditions from strong winds, rain, to different terrains like the mountains and beaches. The Dacron shell, which is often compared to Kevlar is used to make parachute ropes, and is a resistant material that offers ultimate stability. The Dacron shell protects the inner bladder that is inside. However, we all know that accidents happen and one day your air bladder might be punctured. Read more

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How to Set Up your Pop Up Tent Booth?

You have an event coming and you have everything from your custom printed pop up tent, to your promotional flags and rail skirts ready to give your booth the perfect look! Everything has been shipped to the show location and you’re almost ready to go! The last step involves setting up.

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Top Reasons to Select Air Dome Inflatable Tent for Your Next Event

The Air Dome is our inflatable canopy tent that is completely different than your average pop up tent. Here are some reasons why you should consider having an Air Dome tent at your next event if you’re looking to establish an impactful presence with a positive outcome. Read more

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[E-Book] 10 Event Planning Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Event planning is no easy task, but it’s a vital part of marketers’ jobs. Companies spend about 20% of their budgets on marketing for events. Plus, 67% of business-to-business marketers find marketing event as one of the most effective ways to meet future clients and customers. This is your opportunity to shine as a brand at the exact moment customers are most open to new relationships and budget allocation for upcoming initiatives. Don’t let that opportunity slip away by making these easily avoidable mistakes. Read more

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2016 Sea Otter Festival

Sea Otter is a premier cycling festival held annually in Monterey, Ca. Every year, hundreds of pro cyclists from all over the world come to Sea Otter race and join in the festivities with fans. It is also a great opportunity for bicycle companies and sportswear manufacturers to showcase all their new products for the bicycle industry. Read more